Typewriter Poetry

A Vintage Typewriter Street Poetry event where Loretta offered custom poetry based on the patron’s writing prompt, featuring her 1959 Olympia Splendid 66 typewriter. Photo ©2022 Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved.

Available for your corporate, business, nonprofit, school, family or other event, Loretta Boyer McClellan offers custom poetry, including based on the recipient’s prompt, composed on vintage typewriters from her own collection. You can also find Loretta offering her typewriter poetry outdoors, impromptu as a Street Poet. “To Create in the Moment is Divine” is her tagline that acts as inspirational prompt for both author and patron.

Loretta’s poetry has been published in an anthology, Ordinary People—Extraordinary Things: A Collection of Literary Works on Community and Volunteerism, published by the Maine Commission for Community Service, as well as in two of her six books, namely, Meet Me on the Other Side of Wonder: Selected Poems, published by Bold Coast Books, and Dodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing.

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