Writing Services

Writer and Author, Loretta Boyer McClellan, sees the art of writing as an exciting medium and source of abundant joy.  A freelance writer, journalist, communications expert and content manager with over 15 years of experience. Additional skills in grant writing and research with donor development, fundraising and event planning strengths. Certification in Basic Grant Proposal Writing, Loretta is also an author of six books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Loretta has written numerous articles published for news media and magazines, both online and print; copywriting for web, digital and print media; media/press releases for businesses and nonprofits; donor appeals letters; ghost writing for CEOs and executives; script writing and talking points; interviews; social media content and management; and taglines and other marketing campaign writing. Loretta’s professional experience also includes marketing and communications leadership roles in corporate Healthcare and Real Estate, as well as nonprofits in the Arts.

SERVICES OFFERED: Freelance, contract or consulting work for writing, media, communications, content management or development projects. Can also serve as an adjunct to support your staff.

Visit our Contact page to inquire about hiring Loretta for writing, communications or development services. Rates are reasonable, offering a Veteran’s discount and quick turnaround.