Poetry Reading: “Consider”

Writer, Author, Artist, and Poet, Loretta Boyer McClellan (, shares in this video from her sixth book and second volume of poetry, Meet Me On the Other Side of Wonder: Selected Poems, of “Consider,” at the “Poetry & Pie Night,” a virtual event and gathering of poets celebrating National Poetry Month, hosted by the Eastport Arts Center, April 30, 2021, with Mark Macey as Master of Ceremonies. She also includes in her remarks the inspiration behind her poem of hope and humanity.

“Consider” and Meet Me On the Other Side of Wonder ©2020-2021 Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved.

Jump to 2:18 for the poem.

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(Poem & Watercolor Painting ©2020, Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved)

Consider the pain of this world and how it hasn’t reached all;
And yet it has, because we are of this world.

Consider the suffering of the homebound, the plagued, and the mourning;
Uplift is our motto, even outside the window.

Consider the hug that lingers in our hearts, the inherent need to tether, to connect;
Creativity heals the burdened soul.

Consider what words to say,
to fix, repair, or bridge;
Shout I love you across the gap, and close it for good.

Consider instead of lack, we innovate and make ready;
Our historic mainstay is to revolutionize.

Consider the praise of this place and how it moves us;
It matters most, because the grace is ours.

Consider the beauty of our realm and how it enriches;
It blesses and fortifies, just as its roots dig deep.

Consider the peace that’s made manifest;
When chaos draws near, we’ve begun anew, with no regrets.

Consider our dreams as reality;
Only one step resides between us and the never-before seen.
A virtual move in the right direction is progress.

Consider ourselves as resolute, ready and willing…able;
Hold fast;
We see clearly our purpose, renewed.

Consider our will, a mighty pipeline of propensity;
May it enact treaties and solutions, order and valor.

Consider to behold the good in all of us, for we are never false, nor lost;
But are found because of you.
Because of me.

Consider Us: the truth in us all, in that we believe in the power of humanity;
It is our source, our strength, and our everlasting light.

— Loretta Boyer McClellan

(This poem, that was started 20 March 2020 and completed April 2, 2020, was inspired by the watercolor painting, “Consider,” a painting started March 20, 2020 and completed April 1, 2020, of a purple pansy, during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. It was spurred-on by a personal quest to celebrate my April birthday in a unique way, as we sheltered in place at home across the world. Pansies as a flower meaning or symbol, represent, “to consider,” or “think.” Pondering on purpose, the urgency of the moment to dispel fear and remember the gift of hopeful joy, represented by the vibrant flower in my backyard, this poem emerged. Gratitude for expression and the meaningful brought to life, preserved.

— Loretta Boyer McClellan, 2 April 2020)