Consideration Transcends

forest_by_dan_of_freedigitalphotosdotnetConsideration Transcends:
A Conscious Commentary by Loretta Boyer McClellan

Awakening—to the light through the trees, in a moment of beauty, truth, or understanding—is a sight to behold.  Many awaken to the staccatoed dance upon roofs and windows, grateful for the abundance of rain nourishing the long-parched soil, and replenishing the lakes and streams during seasons of growth and renewal.  There can also be a sense of awakening in a knowing of compassion and peace, a restoration of sorts in choosing to set aside negativity, and words or actions that incite pain and provocation.

The media is burdened with patterns of one or many bringing others down through hurtful comments on news and articles, and even through the articles themselves.  Acts of violent demonstration, perhaps in reaction, populate this channel of presence before our eyes, should we not look away.  The center of interest is often a source of anguish or hardship of the person or entity spotlighted, or of someone living their truth or beliefs which may not be embraced, equally or otherwise, by the reader or viewer.

…it is choice that supersedes opinion

In the United States, First Amendment rights through the Constitution protect both author and commenter alike; however, by this same foundation, it also defends those who worship or exercise a religion, so that they may do so with that spiritual freedom enduring and intact, however they may.  Many are suffering, and it is through their belief systems that they cope, rightfully entitled.  It is also by those same convictions that they may choose to rejoice in words, song, or outward example in the gifts they receive from whomever they place their faith.  In abiding by these laws that protect and govern, it is choice that supersedes opinion.

It is in courtesy to individuality that our collective body of citizens become the humanity that transcends

Politically-charged performance, or judgmental groupings of conflict have provided fodder for dissociation for millennia.  When those involved feed upon the rancid waste of vile words, sorrow hastens sorrow; anger fuels anger; and healing is stifled.  In order to nurture a whole society—in that each and every soul who ambles across this great, green earth may abide in peaceful consideration—individual truths must be supported by all, not necessarily by personal acceptance, but by way of an inalienable license endowed for each and every one to be themselves.  It is in courtesy to individuality that our collective body of citizens become the humanity that transcends.

The rain washes away the dirt that clings to the leaves and branches, returning it to the earth from whence it came, to begin anew.  When we choose to connect on common ground, we refill our stores, a unifying bearing.  When we open our hearts—in being open to receive in-kindness, without bias—a stream of conscious connection resumes, like the unstopping of a dam.  Whether it is in understanding of ourselves, or for another, like the moisture after a long drought, may it remain, to permeate and preserve.

headshot_3x3_web_copyright2013_loretta_boyer_mcclellanAuthor, Artist, Poet and Journalist, Loretta Boyer McClellan is the author and book cover designer of the Misthaven of Maine series, as well as Dodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing.

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Author headshot photo by Frank Leonard; used with permission.
Photo credit: “Forest” by Dan of; used with permission.