For My Brother, on This Day

For My Brother, on This Day:
Mountain made thee, art of my heart.
Dug the grave with paintbrush and palette, pine boughs and perseverance.
Sure and smooth as the riverstones that lined their way.
Paint a kingdom of towering fir and spruce, of lofty angels, circling.
Of waterfalls and rivers of truth. Of caverns and caves of faith and miracles.
Layer upon layer of magnificence, in measured medium, viewed from above the dome of not half, but full in its glory. For the artist is therefore, perfect indeed, as creation is infinite.
—Loretta Boyer McClellan—

Photo by CNaene of; used with permission.
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“A Tree and Her Roots”: A Poem

“Downeast Maine Maple Tree” ©2017 Loretta McClellan; all rights reserved.

A tree and her roots are giddy with glee, as they join the neighborhood party, rollicking underground, netted together in phantasmic accord. “Accept the imaginary, ” the consensus says. “It is but our duty to send this message: Be at once masterful of the witted place; treasure up her resource; ’tis not a game, but very life itself.” And the people listened. And they were at-one with the whole earth.
—Loretta Boyer McClellan—
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May Peace Eclipse All

Sun in Alaskan Sky by Loretta McClellan

Getting ready for tomorrow’s rare #eclipse. As a #creative and sensitive soul, the emotional climate in the media and vicinity deeply affects me. My personal measures to promote #peace and #healing are #meditation and #prayer, which I believe affect within as well as collectively as a society. #Charity, or pure #love, begins with me, then radiates infinitely.