Book Referral

Have you enjoyed reading Loretta Boyer McClellan’s books?  Happy readers are the best source of referrals.  Many thanks to all who have already shared and continue to share Loretta’s growing library of fiction, poetry, and soon, nonfiction!

Perhaps you or your friends participate in a book club, social group, enrichment activity,, or other venue where book recommendations are appropriate, even encouraged. Perhaps you just want to share while visiting on,, or via email with your friends and family.  If so, please download and pass along one of these “book in a box” PDFs or jpegs.  Either click on the “Download Recommend PDF” link below the image (a PDF which includes hyperlinks for book/author websites, as well as the blue, Amazon text at the bottom for purchase), or right-click on the jpeg image to save and pass along!

Thank you for visiting!


Download “Recommend Misthaven of Maine: Journey to Beyond” PDF


Download “Recommend Misthaven of Maine PDF


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