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lori_gazing_at_treesAmerican Author, Loretta Boyer McClellan, sees the art of writing as an exciting medium and source of abundant joy.  A freelance writer, journalist, content manager, grant writer and researcher; communications expert with donor development, fundraising and event planning strengths; and certified in Basic Grant Proposal Writing, Loretta is an author of six books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her multilayered career, including fine art in multiple media and graphic design, “sized the canvas,” so to speak, for a fruitful life of expression.


Her initial experience with creative writing was in first grade.  Her teacher scribbled (layperson’s term for “gesture drawing”) with green marker on each student’s paper, then instructed them to write about their illustration. Loretta’s work was titled, “Sabertooth Tiger Tooth in the Grass.”  Receiving a gold star for her efforts, this was the beginning of many writing ventures that would prove a lifelong opportunity for happiness.  In her Junior and Senior years of high school, Loretta became a journalist, writing, editing, and designing layouts and award-winning graphics for her school’s publication, including embracing her role as Co-Editor in the spring semester of her Senior year.  While receiving an Art degree in college, Loretta began her career as a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator, later continuing writing for various news and magazine publications as a reporter, editor, and ghost writer, and writing and design in Communications Management positions in healthcare, real estate, and nonprofit arts organizations.  In addition to teaching in the Arts, Loretta founded her own creative firm, McClellan Creative, providing brand design and fine art in multiple media for a national clientele.

A prolific writer, in 2005, Loretta was a contributing author of poetry with “Beacon of Light,” for the anthology work, Ordinary People—Extraordinary Things: A Collection of Literary Works on Community and Volunteerism, published by the Maine Commission for Community Service.  In May, 2012, her first book of fiction and as a solo author, Misthaven of Maine, Volume One in the Misthaven of Maine Series, was published.  Later that year in November 2012, the follow-up novel in the series, Misthaven of Maine: Journey to Beyond was published.  In April 2013, Dodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing, her third book and return to poetry, was added to her growing list of titles.  In May 2015, Loretta solidified herself as a versatile author in coming back home to nonfictionthis time with her first memoir, The Nature of BEing: A Healing Journey.  In 2018, Loretta’s first self-help and inspirational book, The Little Book of Everlasting Joy: 16 Pieces of Wisdom for Our Time was published. Her most recent book and second volume of poetry, Meet Me on the Other Side of Wonder: Selected Poems, was published by Bold Coast Books in December, 2020. Loretta’s distinctive watercolor paintings and logo designs grace the covers of all of her books, for a unique approach in artisanal publishing.

Born in San Jose, California, Loretta has lived, studied, worked, taught and volunteered in many parts of the United States, with additional study in southern Japan, drawing from these experiences for her writing and artwork.

Nature is her muse, and Loretta’s greatest delight is her family. Visit for more information on her family art and design studio.

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Book Cover Design 101

misthaven_of_maine_book_cover_3in_copyright2012lorettamcclellanABOUT ART AND HER FIRST BOOK, MISTHAVEN OF MAINE: Who, or what came first: Eliza, or Misthaven? The evolution of this tale began with a dream of a house—a lighthouse like no other. Every detail of this majestic, imaginary sentinel of the sea was revealed in great detail in this twilight state of sleep, including an aerial view. This house was more than just a haven from the world. It became a “writer’s prompt” in a way, as the story unfolded from there.

Misthaven of Maine is not just a love story or about the security of friendship and family. It’s not just a coming-of-age journey. It’s not just an exploration in spectacular regions, enjoying the splendor of art and power of history, or just an example of a young woman’s test of inner strength or good fortune. It’s Eliza’s message to herself of discovery that a beautiful and comprehensive forever is always there, patiently waiting for the right time to be fully realized.

I remember in high school as the Editor of our school newspaper and budding, young artist that I couldn’t embrace the common notion that I had to choose between the two loves of my life: writing and art, or art and writing, depending on the perspective of the day. Was I going to grow up and study to be a journalist, or aim for an even deeper niche in the right side of my brain as a designer or artist? I’m thankful that I have never had to separate the two, either professionally, or personally. This multifaceted collection of pursuits for this inaugural novel of Misthaven of Maine has been an opportunity in blending many creative interests into one package of contented fulfillment.

As a passenger along for the ride of, “an interesting and fruitful life,” as Eliza says, it has been quite an invigorating adventure for me as an author, as well as personally.

Loretta Boyer McClellan
Author, Artist & Poet

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